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NBA Fines Mavericks’ James Johnson, Hornets’ Cody & Caleb Martin for Altercation

The NBA fined Dallas Mavericks’ forward James Johnson and Charlotte Hornets’ wings Cody and Caleb Martin for engaging in an altercation during the Hornets’ 118-99 win over the Mavericks on December 30th.

Johnson was given a technical foul and ejected from the game after instigating the altercation – earning him a $ 40,000 fine.

Cody Martin was given a technical foul and ejected from the game for escalation and making contact with an official – earning him a $ 25,000 fine.

Caleb Martin was fined $ 20,000 for making contact with an official during the altercation.

The incident in question is archived and available to watch on

Although these fines may seem negligible for professional athletes, they’re actually quite sizable – especially considering the relatively low average salary of some of the players involved.

Caleb and Cody Martin are both set to make $ 1,517,981 in base salary this season.

On the other hand, James Johnson is set to make $ 15,827,100 in base salary.

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